About Us

What is BitVest

A Real-Time Social Hub

Your Ultimate Destination for Real-Time Updates, Social Interactions, and Lucrative Partnerships

Bitvest is not just a platform; it's a vibrant community bustling with activities, where members converge to stay informed, engage in lively discussions, and seize unparalleled opportunities in the world. At Bitvest, we've redefined the conventional approach to staying updated on item prices, sharing insightful gists, and fostering meaningful connections through random chats.


Personalized Real-Time Blogging

With Feeds, new updates are automatically sent to users without need to refresh.

Content writers can share all their contents or those in specific categories at once with a single link. Users can also apply to post content in professional categories for free.

New updates are shared with viewers instantly on feeds

Price Updates

Real-Time Item Price Updates

Bitvest offers a means to stay updated with prices of items around you at real-time.

Users report how much they purchased items around them in real-time. These prices were not subjected to any form of evaluation, as such, depending on provided information is at your own risk

New updates are shared with viewers instantly on Updates


Borderless Chatting Across the Globe

Bitvest allows a pool of people interact freely. Therefore, you could be meeting a friend here

Join any Chatroom of your choice and mingle with like-minded individuals. Beware some room owners may charge rents for their rooms.

Earn some income

Partner With Bitvest

Bitvest partnership is a multilevel marketing scheme that allows users earn unlimited passive income into their NGN accounts upon referral of other partners