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Chatting With Strangers is Wild

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Whether it's tech, movies, or just random banter, find your vibe in our diverse chatrooms. Let's connect and chat away!.

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Dive into our bustling public chatrooms – where the conversation never sleeps! Connect, share, and make some noise in the crowd!

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Step into our exclusive private rooms for intimate conversations. Connect, share, and create memories away from the crowd!

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Bitvest is the only public chat platform that lets you network with groups of people without hassle. Also the first public real-time blogging and price update platform, where happenings around can be sighted and prices of items observed.

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Three Steps to Earn

How It Works

As you chat and share updates around you at real-time, don't forget to earn as much money and coins as you can. Keep the community active and stay alert


Create an Account

Register with a valid email address and log in to start earning. This shouldn't take you more than 3-minutes to complete


Enroll for Partnership

To earn upto 70% on referrals, subscribe to any Partnership level of your choice and complete required processes.


Earn, Buy and Sell Coins

Create chatrooms and collect rent from users, post news on the blog and share prices of items around you to earn coins

Price Updates

These are prices of items as reported by users. You can also share how much you last purchased an item around you here (Log In) and keep other users informed.

Item Metric Category Price 24hrs (%) 7 Days (%) Open High Low Volume Date

Our Web3 Mandate

Our developers have interest in putting our coins to good use. Therefore evolving Bitvest coins into a Solana based project is a must

While you purchase, earn, share and sell Bitvest coins, beware of our intent to adapt this system into a decentralized application (DAPP). Therefore, early adopters of Bitvest would have secured a good shareload before late adopters come onboard. As of now, note that the official coin prices is upward-bound only.

Partnership deal Register, Partner and Start Earning

Earning on Bitvest is simple and guaranteed. Be sure to have read and understood our terms and policies

  • Do not pay to any agent or personnel outside Bitvest official platform
  • You're not eligible to receive Comissions when partnership is not active
  • Posting fake and unconfirmed updates will result to instant account ban
  • Withdrawal is not allowed on banned accounts
  • Partnership deal is due for renewal after you have earned specified percentage of commission

Bitvest Coin


  • 10,000 Coins


  • 23,000 Coins


  • 35,000 Coins


  • 60,000 Coins

Is the Partnership a Ponzi?

No! Our partnership is a multilevel-marketing offer to reward users with upto 70% commission from their downlines' deals.

Everyone goes home happy!

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Our FAQ section is roboust and detailed. However for further enquires, send a mail to:


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