How do I Make Money on BITVEST

How do I Make Money on BITVEST

Earning on Bitvest is real, simple, sustainable and direct. Everything you need to know will be explained in this post as simply as possible, and without the use of technical or ambiguous terms.

Register > Subscribe > Refer > Earn > Renew


Register an account on Bitvest with a valid email. Click here to learn more about the process.


Click on Partnership Upgrade to subscribe for a partnership level of your choice. Note: you can only earn commission from referrals on your level or below your Level.

For instance: if you subscribe for Level 3, you will earn commission on all Level 1, 2 & 3 referrals and nodes introduced through you and your downlines respectively. Any subscription higher than Level 3 will have an Ineligible Status.


Bitvest is not a Ponzi scheme that pays through dubious means. You only earn through subscribed referrals. Currently, Bitvest pays 50% commission on Referrals and 20% node commission. This is a total of 70% commission. See next step for better understanding.


You earn 500% of whatever Level you subscribed for, after which you are required to renew your partnership.

Let's use a Level 1 partnership subscription as instance. At the moment, Level 1 partnership subscription costs NGN5,000. When you refer Mr A, Mr B, Mrs C and Miss D, your account receives NGN2,500 x 4 = NGN10,000 as Referral Commission. This amount is not limited and your commission keeps coming as long as your partnership is active.

Now when Mr A refers Mr O, Mr K, Miss T and Mr J, Mr A will receive NGN2,500 x 4 = NGN10,000 as Referral Commission as usual and you will also receive NGN1000 x 4 = NGN4,000 as Node Commission.

So for every subscribed referral your downline gets, you will earn Node Commission.


Don't get carried away because your partnership is terminated immediately your earning hits 500%.

Using the Level 1 partnership subscription instance above, your partnership is terminated the moment your earning reaches NGN25,000. That is 500% of NGN5000. Every commission your receive after this termination will have an Ineligible Status. This means, you have lost the commission(s) permanently.

To continue earning commission, simply renew your partnership package.

NOTE: You will keep receiving Referral and Node Commission every time your downline and their referral renews subscription. This means your earning is continuous.

P.S. Ensure to update account settings with your bank details and transaction pin for withdrawal. Also note that all withdrawal are paid into individual Bank Account in minutes, except on weekends and public holidays.

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