Bitvest Cash Tree Explained

Bitvest Cash Tree Explained

Let us simplify the cash tree using a level 2 subscriber (User A)

User A referred Users B - F (Leg One) but will not get referral commission from User D unless he upgrades to Level 3. He will also not get referral commission from User C unless he moves to Level 5 but he will get Node commission from User I .

User A will get Node Commission from all Leg Two except from Users J, L and M.

All users with dot(•) have not referred any subscriber yet.

Every arrow with dotted line is an Ineligible Referral Commission (you can only earn Referral and Node Commission from lower or same level of partnership)

Users C, O and R will earn from any subscriber from Level 1-5.

User A will not earn commission from Leg 3 (Users O-V).

User F will not earn Referral and Node commission from User M and V, U respectively

User B will not earn Node Commission from User O

User H will receive Referral Commission from P and not from Q

Don't forget commission is paid every time Referrals renew their subscription after earning 500% commission.

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